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Do your eBay listings display correctly?

Check your listings for ­display and browser security issues

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How to find item numbers
Upload a Comma-Separated-Values (CSV) file of active item numbers and we’ll check them.
How to find item numbers
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Here are the issues that we check:

Secure listings

Identify HTTP content and update to HTTPS, which can prevent buyer security concerns by using secure content.

Active content

Ensure your listings display correctly, or at all, by identifying Active content, such as JavaScript, Flash, and plug-ins.

The i-Ways Listings Checker scans listings for key factors that could impact your listing's success. We look for ways to increase security, reduce display errors, and ensure listings are meeting eBay listing policies. Use your i-Ways report to update listings as needed.

Provide a great shopping experience for your customers by optimizing your listings and offer greater security. This can help you sell more.

i-ways sales solutions – what makes us stand out

I-ways is an international digital agency based in Berlin. We have been offering holistic software solutions and services for all aspects of company digitalisation, business models and processes since 2002.

Our unique know-how from numerous projects enables us to create innovative solutions that are attuned to the needs of our customers. Our expertise in the E-Commerce sector makes us a reliable partner for your multichannel and omnichannel activities.

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